I'm Scott Stevenson and I tell the story of my battle with poor mental health to empower others to take the first step on their own path to better mental health.

Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 in the NHS came closer to killing me than Al Qaeda ever did and I used to hunt for bombs for a living.

I leverage my life story to change peoples relationship with stress, the workplace and their own mental health.  

Through public speaking, facilitated workshops and my unique experience based system, The Stevenson Way I empower others to:

  • Remove their masks
  • Confront their innermost fears
  • To learn to respond not react
  • Take the first step on their path to better mental health

The Stevenson Way is Scott's unique and personal path to redemption from the chains of poor mental health. 

Based upon 30 years of lived life experience and countless clinical interventions Scott has brought together a toolkit of advice, guidance and strategies to help you know yourself and like what you find.

"If your change starts with a quiet whisper in the dark it is every bit as monumental for you as the best story you ever heard on Oprah."

Scott Stevenson

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"Scott remains one of the most powerful advocates for men's mental health I have had the pleasure to connect with. "

Henry Johnstone - Podcast Host and Mental Health Advocate

PTSD: Me, Myself and Him my 11 episode podcast charting my life living with PTSD, Bulimia and undiagnosed conditions on the autism spectrum.

This is where The Stevenson Way was born.


“Thank you so much for today. It was amazing. You are amazing!”

Victoria McMahon

Owner Spring Clean NI

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