Hello and welcome to the home of the Stevenson Way. I am Scott Stevenson the founder and my life story was the catalyst for its creation.

The Stevenson way is an all encompassing and holistic approach to mental health and well being designed and created by my own search for a solution to my mental health troubles.


I am a proudly neuro diverse, I live with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder and I am also the happiest clinically depressed person you are ever likely to meet.


I have taken all of my hard won experience, knowledge and understanding to create a practical, action based system that will allow anyone suffering with poor mental health to begin to tackle their problems and take the first steps to better mental health.

Is today the day you take the first step on the Stevenson Way?


Scott spoke at my THINK Resilience event. As a speaker, he was the consummate professional. Articulate and knowledgeable. Most of all it was his authenticity that shone through. The audience loved him.

Gary Doherty


Think Network Founder and event organiser

Quotation mark

Scott is a highly professional speaker. As a trauma therapist I am always looking for guest experts on my podcast Realistic Resilience. Scott is just the kind of guest I value. Highly experienced, no-nonsense and full of valuable insights that come from his lived experience of PTSD. He's also a very decent human being.

Olivia James




Transforming lives,

one conversation at a time

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I leverage my life story to change peoples relationship with stress, the workplace and their own mental health.  

Through public speaking, facilitated workshops and my unique experience based system, The Stevenson Way I empower others to:

  • Remove their masks

  • Confront their innermost fears

  • To learn to respond not react

  • Take the first step on their path to better mental health

The Stevenson Way is Scott's unique and personal path to redemption from the chains of poor mental health. 

Based upon 30 years of lived life experience and countless clinical interventions Scott has brought together a toolkit of advice, guidance and strategies to help you know yourself and like what you find.

Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 in the NHS came closer to killing me than Al Qaeda ever did and I used to hunt for bombs for a living.



Over the past thirty plus years as a soldier, police officer, and fundamentally flawed human I have travelled the road less trodden.

Individual Mentoring

Individual Mentoring

Scott works extensively with stressed, under pressure business owners and senior leaders who have lost their way.

Group Mentoring

Group Mentoring

Scott runs a variety of different workshops for employers, employees and community groups. All workshops are delivered in Scott’s humorous, irreverent but ultimately educational style.

If your change starts with a quiet whisper in the dark it is every bit as monumental for you as the best story you ever heard on Oprah.

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