What's your top tip this week?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

3 things that cause me immense stress.

application forms for almost anything

Attempting to understand what clothes go with each other

Deciding when what people are saying is not genuine it's just something they are saying to be polite.

I imagine these are quite surprising to most people but they are part of my life now.

In the past my mask knew how to deal with all of these things.

The thing is wearing the mask that allowed me to appear normal was just making me worse in the long run.

So now I swap better mental health on a regular basis for occasional stress that I can manage very effectively with simple strategies.

What stresses you out that you think is unique to you?

What does disability mean to you?

When you think of neuro diversity do you see it as a disability or as a gift and opportunity.

For me in reality it can be both, sometimes at the same time but there is so much misunderstanding and misinformation that is so prevalent we need to have the difficult conversations.

We need to allow people to ask the questions they would normally be to embarrassed to say for fear of offending someone.

They also need to hear the answers not just from medical professionals but those who live with the reality of being Dis Abled by society ( the emphasis on the word is intentional)

This is what I do.

This is how I can help you make a real difference to your staffs understanding of mental health and just some of the hidden disabilities they may face whilst working for your company.


So today I want to talk about exercise and for those who have been with me for a while you will possibly remember my particular problems with exercise and how I used it as a cover to hide my purges after binge eating sessions.

In the context of stress and stress management it is without doubt one of the best and simplest methods for reducing stress and the chemicals stress leaves in our bodies.

As my own experiences show though it doesn't work for eve