Exercise as one of the justifications for my excessive overeating

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

About 3 weeks ago I posted about the fact that I had always used exercise as one of the justifications for my excessive overeating and the cover for most of my associated purging.

Since that post I have picked up my walking during the work day and I have additionally been fitting in some brisk walking.

Nothing as daft as jogging or heaven forbid a trip to the gym.

I am not paying any attention to the scales but I know I'm loosing weight and I am definitely losing some bulk around the middle.

When I post as much as I do about mental health and my past the good stuff can sometimes get lost in the mix.

What are you doing at the moment that you aren't giving yourself enough credit for?

Social Media is bad for your mental health.

Social Media just makes things worse.

We have all heard this countless times.

I have not hidden my struggles with PTSD and Binge Eating Disorder and it's been one of the best decisions I ever made.

I had a very rough day today for a number of reasons

One of my old demons slipped the chains and took up residence on my shoulder whispering his poison.

I distracted myself with LinkedIn and work. Funny thing is after a few hours chatting and commenting on here my little passenger had slunk off into his corner.

It wasn't Social Media that helped as such but the genuine connections I have made on here that allowed me to win today.

I had a great chat today with someone I had never met before we sort of virtually knew each other from crossing paths on here. The subject of impact as opposed to vanity metrics cropped up.

We can get caught up in numbers very easily and judge the impact we are having in very negative terms if we are not careful.

I published 11 episodes of my podcast last year.

711 listens at an average of 59 plays

Episode 1 has had 147 listens

Tiny numbers by anyone's standards

Each quote below is from a separate and unique person who contacted me directly after listening to my story.

Listened to the first three “chapters”.

Scott, you nailed. Survivor guilt, why me why not me, you hit them all.

Hi Scot, Just wanted to say I was interested in your pod cast so had a listen to it, very insightful and honest. It reminded me so much of my Father in Law - he was in the forces.

I'm looking forward to learning more about you so thank you for having the courage to travel that path for yourself and others.

You completely get the voice inside my head that gets me in so much shit.

For me this is success

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