Lest we forget.

Did you pause yesterday?

Did you take a few minutes to think of those who are no longer here?

Those who paid the ultimate price so that we could live our lives today.

It is right we remember them and their sacrifices.

Those who see this post will mostly see it in the days after remberance day and I ask you, today, to think of those who we didn't loose.

Those who came home.

Those who have forever left a part of themselves in the dirt of a foreign land or the green fields of home.

There is nobility in sacrifice but there is unmeasurable courage in those who keep going.

The damaged.

The scarred.

And the broken.

War is hell but for some, life can become a place worse than hell.

The thing is we can be free of our demons.

We can silence the voices we hear whispering in the dark corners of our minds.

We can learn to live, love and laugh again.

You may have been broken once but you can become whole again. You will be different though but that's a good thing in my book.

Please take the time this week to speak to those who are still here and are still carrying the burden.

Let them know you are there if they need you.

Finally even though this blog is directed at those who have served please remember you don't need to have been to war to have lived through hell.

#thestevensonway #mentalhealth #ptsd

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