Mental health and me.

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I always talk openly and honestly about my mental health journey on here especially now I am working full time in this arena.

A lot of people out there are struggling and are in bad places. We encourage and support where we can.

I am in a great place in my life and probably in the best place physically and mentally I have ever been.

The temptation to hide when things aren't perfect, when you are not living your best life is strong. I dislike the whole best life concept but that's for another post.

I used to think recovery was a place separate from the shite of the past.

I now see it as stepping stones across a river. I step from stone to stone but every now and again I wobble and get my feet wet.

Last week for lots of reasons I fell in the bloody stream.

My change of viewpoint or new perspective however you like to look at it allows me to be the wonderfully flawed human I am and be happy even when things are not going well.

This week share the lowlights not just the highlights.

Enjoy the journey.

3 things I do to help me deal with stress

To give this post the proper level of respect such a serious topic deserves please read it whilst humming the old top of the pops theme.

In three

I say no and I say it a lot.

Boundaries are essential to ensure you don't become overwhelmed and not everyone needs to like you all the time.

In Two

I have a kindness jar.

Every time I say something unkind to myself and get caught doing it I have to put some money away in a jar.

It's amazing how quickly I stopped calling myself names and slagging myself off. What can I say I'm Scottish 😀.

How we talk to ourselves in our inner voice will absolutely play a part in how we react to our days.

In One

I walk.

Not taking the dog for a walk, although I do.

Not marching round the local park building up a sweat whilst consuming audiobooks and podcasts.

I walk all the places most other people will jump in the car.

It gives me space between meetings, I still do it now between zoom meetings, it gives me fresh air and gentle exercise. It gives me headspace. It gives me time to be me.

What’s your top tip?